What Home Looks Like

Imagine a place like none you’ve seen before. It’s a place where no one is sad, nothing is broken, and there is no ocean. It’s a world where bliss knows no bounds.

It’s the new heaven and the new earth of Revelation 21.
There are some marked contrasts between this world and that one. For one, there is no sea. It’s gone without a trace. Where is it and why isn’t it there?
Since I’m no scientist, I’ll engage in some speculation.
Water is essential to life here. In fact, our bodies are mostly water. It’s a major component of our atmosphere. Water is what God judged the world with in Noah’s day. It is both a blessing and a threat, depending on how much is present. You can swim in it or drown in it.
Perhaps the fact that it isn’t present in this new world is because it isn’t needed anymore. There won’t be any decay. Water is a part of that process. We won’t get dirty anymore, so there won’t be any need to shower. God will provide everything that water did before.
And you’ll never be thirsty again.
All this points to the fact that everything that is wrong, broken, and messed up will no longer be that way. Everything that needs cleansing will be. The ultimate reality that Jesus came to bring to us will be complete. We’ll be perfect just as He is perfect, without spot, wrinkle, or decay.
That is really something to look forward to, don’t you think?
The takeaway for today is that we have a God who keeps His promises. And He wants to have a relationship with you. You can see Him physically now, but one day you will. If you trust Him, you know from this scene that He really is working all things together for your final good.
So when the world seems like it’s spinning out of control and nothing is going right, remember you’re not Home yet. But there is a place prepared for you. And you can experience the grace that takes you there right now. The sin that clings to you now will finally fall away forever there. In fact, even now it no longer defines you in God’s eyes. There is no longer any record of wrong for Christians because God no longer keeps track.
Reflect on that.
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