What Scares You About Chasing Your Dream?

It’s great to be passionate about something. 
You know you are. 
It may not be anything practical, at least on the surface. But if you peel away the outer layers of that onion, there’s bound to be some universal talent that can be used productively. 
Passion can get you excited. It can keep you up late at night when you should be sleeping. And then, though you should be tired the next morning, you manage to find a second wind to propel you forward.
A passionless life can’t offer you that kind of energy.
Passion can also make your hair stand on end. What if you fail at your dream? What if nobody thinks you’re any good? What if they all love you and you get swamped with more work than you can handle?
No matter how it manifests itself, there will be fear. Why? Because you can’t know everything before you launch. 
Don’t let the fear cripple you. Keep your day job. Pursue your passion instead of watching TV. Keep at it long enough and hard enough and someone will notice.
That’s what Tom Clancy did when he wrote his first novel. His wife didn’t believe in him. She told him to just stick to selling insurance. 
He plowed ahead anyway. 
100 million novels sold don’t lie, do they?
Don’t give up because the light hasn’t appeared. Maybe you’re not at the end of the tunnel. Keep going. It’s the only way to see what life looks like on the other side!
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