When Life Just Isn’t Fair

There is a species of bumblebees called Cuckoos. 
They aren’t circus performers. They’re not nature’s alarm clocks either. They are ravenous wolves in bumblebee clothing, led by tyrannical, despotic queens. 
Here’s what the Cuckoo queen does. She spots a finished colony full of devoted workers, making honey, raising children, and working the system. She then aggressively attacks, kills, and then replaces their queen. The workers, while they may notice a disruption, maybe even a change in the scent around the place, carry on as though nothing happened. No funeral. No memorial. They just take care of the endless procession of eggs like they’re paid to do.
Sometimes life isn’t fair. You work for months on a project only to watch someone else swoop in and take credit. Your spouse suddenly starts acting differently, distancing himself from you, eventually asking for a divorce. You try really hard to get your yard mowed, but every afternoon a pop up shower ruins your plans.
So what do you do when life slaps you around and leaves you for dead? 
Recognize that life is that way sometimes. People you just met at church that seemed so friendly at first will barely give you the time of day anymore. Others who promise to have your back stab you there instead. If this happens enough, eventually you feel you can’t trust anyone but Jesus.
And since He’s invisible, sometimes you wonder about Him, too.
It’s hard to trust something you can’t see. I’ve found for me, it helps to look at the whole of life rather than the small window of now. God has been faithful when it counts. And when I’ve felt left for dead, He’s used my pain to lead me back to His open and loving arms. 
Keep that in mind when your life looks like an overthrown cuckoo bee colony.
And I dare you to read that last sentence without laughing.
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