Where Serving Satan Ends

After the thousand years in Revelation, Satan gets a chance to gather his troops for battle against the Lord.

Satan is pretty persuasive. He’s clever enough to know your weak spots and slip in temptations through the cracks. You might not even be aware why you do the bad things you do, but for some inexplicable reason you keep doing them.
Think of him like you would a slick salesman.
Here’s an example many of us have probably experienced. A friend comes out of the past and calls you. You scratch your head and wonder why. Then when you speak you discover they want to share a wonderful business opportunity with you. But they can’t do it as well as the higher-ups, so why don’t you just attend one of the meetings and see the religious fervor for yourself. No doubt you’ll be swept away by the incredible secrets that will be revealed.
Then you find out it’s multi-level marketing.
If you’re not a salesman at heart and willing to put up with reams of rejections, you’ll fail like 98% of those who sign up.
My point here is not to talk at length about MLM. What I would like to say is that just as that message can be attractive at first and then turn sour once you’re inside the organization, the same holds true for being a follower of Satan. He’ll promise you the world if you’ll go with him; then, in the end you’ll be destroyed with no hope of rescue.
Perhaps you’ve wondered why anyone could follow Hitler. They did it because in the beginning, he was a very charismatic speaker. The euphoria of the crowds was intoxicating. The ideals Hitler espoused seemed honorable. Who would want to be left behind?
Revelation 20 informs us Satan’s battle will end badly. If you remember the confrontation between Elijah and the prophets of Baal (I Kings18:17-40), the prophets of Baal were slaughtered. In this final battle, fire consumes God’s enemies.
Can you imagine a punishment so bad it never ends? This is what is store for the devil. It’s also the lot of his followers. So, believer, can you see how radical God’s grace is to deliver you from such a fate? Can you see the high cost of sin?
Be loyal to the King of kings. The future prospects are infinitely better. 
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