Why Is The World Like This?

In the middle of the last chapter of Revelation we see that clearly God is in control of all this mess.

That might strike you as strange, considering that just recently a seven year old girl’s body was found dead in a dumpster in a town near where I live. The thought of that makes me wonder the same thing you are, I’ll bet. How could God do this?
I don’t have the answer. But I do know what God said here in Revelation 22:10-13.
But let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?
Here’s a couple things to consider. Sin entered the world when our first parents, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God. Everything was ruined and ravaged by their choice. Why? Because since they were first, they set the course for the rest of us. God gave them that role. If they hadn’t sinned, chances are one of their children would have and we’d still be in the mess we’re in.
Another thing to consider is this: God restrains evil. There could certainly be a lot more crime and brutality than there is now. Our hearts are capable of all sorts of sin because the roots of all kinds of sin reside there. That’s why when we nourish temptations; little by little they become unmanageable monsters.
Jesus tells John in verse 12 to let the world do what it will until He comes again. We don’t know when that is. If you read all of Revelation, there is no clear evidence to suggest a date or even an approximation aside from “soon”.
And no, God is not talking to any ministers about the date and keeping it a secret from you.
The best thing we can do is to keep on living until the day Christ returns. We should keep on striving to be holy, to please God, and to love Him. The pagans around you will also keep on living the way they have for years and years, not knowing or caring that one day they will answer to God for their choices. Our example may well be the only thing that draws them to God because they may never go to church or read a Bible.
Just remember in your pursuit of holiness to pursue God first and let holiness be the result. Then when He comes you’ll be ready.
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