Why the Law Enslaves You, and What Jesus Can Do About it

Have you tried with all your might to obey the law? 
Have you failed along the way?
Maybe you’ve done all the right external things. You haven’t lied. You haven’t stolen. You haven’t had an affair.
That’s cool. 
And others are probably impressed with your goodness.
But what about your thoughts? Have you ever lusted after someone attractive? Have you secretly hated someone but lied to them about how you really feel? Did you ever feel the people in charge were so dumb your dog could do a better job?
Here’s Why You Struggle to Be Good 
The Law can’t make you good. It can’t fix your problems.  At best it is a teacher that shows you the ideal way to live in a civilized society. It reveals the reasons life hurts sometimes. And it points out how you fall short of perfection – again and again. 
Imagine you’re driving 70 down the highway.  The exit you want is a curve that turns you around 180 degrees.  Go too fast and you’ll roll into a ditch.
A DOT worker hung signs to warn you.  If he were to come by and see you there, he would say, ” You’re in a ditch.”
“Yes, I am,” you reply. “Can you help me out of here?”
“No. I warned you not to do that. You should have known better.”
A Better Way to Live Well
How helpful is that?
You already know you’re in trouble. You know you need help. Do you think that trying harder will make a difference if you can’t do it anyway?
What you need is someone to get you out of that ditch. You need a Savior, not good behavior. 
Jesus saves you by taking the curse the Law laid on you. He did it all on your behalf without failing. 
Though you live like a prodigal, your Heavenly Father is always there with open arms to welcome you home. 
It’s not about your obedience – or your lack of it. It’s about the relationship He wants to have with you, day in and day out, moment by moment, in good times and in bad.
Let that shape how you live, how you see yourself, and how you see others.  If God can love you that extravagantly, you can share that love with the people in your life.
Now go in peace to love and serve the world.
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