Will You Wither or Will You Shine?

Perhaps you remember the story of the fig tree in the New Testament. Jesus saw that it hadn’t born any fruit so He cursed it. It immediately began to die.

You probably heard about David McCullough’s commencement speech at Wellesley High. If you just heard the buzz phrase, “You’re not special,” you might be offended. But he makes a good point. It’s not just that someone complimented you as a child for whatever you did. It’s what you choose to do with your life that makes you special.
Or not.
Everyone has ability. You’ve heard the old saying, “Use it or lose it.” Just as grass dies without water during a hot summer, talents wither when not exercised. If you have a steady hand for painting, you’ll be great only if you lift your brush every day and create something. Sure, there will be some junk in the lot. But if you keep at it, your best work can come out.
Here’s a principle of success that is illustrated in sports. Michael Jordan missed over 9000 shots in his career. When his team was counting on him to take the winning shot, he missed it 36 times. Yet he succeeded because he kept on shooting with the view that the next one could be a slam dunk.
It takes failure to find success.
What will you do to make your own flavor of greatness?
First, find out what your abilities are. You have some. Think about what you enjoy doing. What is it that when you’re involved makes time as irrelevant as last year’s fashions? Don’t just settle for something because it can make you wealthy. If you sell your peace of mind for it, you’ll be anything but healthy.
And you won’t really be doing anything special.
We have the power of choice. If you want to do something to change the world, make up your mind to get started. Follow your passion to make a difference in your own world, one person at a time. Who knows where it could lead?
You’ll have to risk to find out.
If you want to flourish like a healthy fig tree should, then do the things that will bring the fruit.
You just might change the world.
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