You Don’t Have to Win It All to Play

I hate getting negative reviews on my work. 
I’ve you’ve ever done anything creative, you know that when you’re done with your labor of love, you feel like it’s your child. So you feel the blow when someone criticizes it. You want to strangle whoever had the gall to insult your sweat-infused efforts. 
Your work is your art. 
So if Seth Godin is right, we are all artists. Whatever you do has your signature all over it. After a while, those who benefit from what you do can see the pattern of your artistry, good or bad. Think of that signature as the impression you leave on people.
Exposing Yourself 
When you put your art out there for the world to see, you expose yourself. You’re not literally naked – but the protective covering of keeping to yourself is gone. 
Here’s what you risk when you display your work:
• Failure. We have to mention this because this is the thing that keeps most people from doing something extraordinary. You know the line – if you don’t risk, you won’t fail. But you will fail to discover …
• Success. That’s right. You might be successful. You might sell your creation and get a hundred orders for more. How will you keep up with the demand? Rather than have to deal with the demands (the dark side) of success, we risk little to nothing to prevent that from happening. 
What Really Happens 
The truth is you’ll probably have some success and some failure if you make a full-hearted effort. 
I was shopping Amazon the other day. I stumbled upon one of Seth Godin’s books. There were hundred of reviews. His sales numbers were in the stratosphere. 
I thought I could never do what he does.
Then I noticed something. All the reviews weren’t good. Some said his writing lacked substance. Others said one could get the same information reading his blog. A few even said the book was nothing revolutionary. 
Yet people still hand over their hard earned money for his books. 
What does that mean for you?
• Even Seth Godin isn’t perfect. You don’t have to be either. 
• Bestselling authors don’t sell to everybody either and aren’t universally loved. So you can serve who you can and still make a difference. 
• For better or worse, those who find success are willing to risk exposing themselves.
Now go make the difference you were created to make.
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